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Helping children to develop social competence

Competence in building and maintaining relationships with others involves a complex interplay of feelings, thoughts, and skills. While these components take a long time to learn, their foundations are laid in early childhood by responsive, patient, and supportive parents, teachers, and other adults, and in the context of a variety of opportunities to interact with peers. (Katz & McClellan, 1997).

Desley provides many examples of how we help children to develop social competence here at Ballymore Kindy.

Helping children to develop social competence

Just Breathe

The development of self-regulation has been identified as a crucial element in children’s success both socially and academically (Borba, 2016, p104-5). Self-regulation refers to the ability to use thought to guide behaviour. According to Berk (2001, p49), “the self-regulated child follows social rules; makes deliberate, well-reasoned choices and decisions; and takes responsibility for his or her own learning and behaviour.”

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Just breathe.....

Why are we Playing Games?

Why are we Playing Games

Desley writes about the importance of "Playing Games" here at Ballymore Kindy.

Repetition in Children's Play

It is not unusual to find that the play of young children can be very repetitive. Whether it is playing ballet, house, firemen, in the sand, with collage, puzzles or blocks, most children begin kindy with a particular interest. This can be concerning to parents as they wonder if their child’s experiences are limited, and how this impacts on their learning and development. Click on the link below for some thoughts to ponder with regard to this repetition in the context of the kindergarten setting:

Repetition in Children's Play

Playing with Maths

An article written by our Director and full time teacher, Desley Jones.

Playing with Maths


Problem Solving in our Kindy Program

The Power of Problem Solving 

An article written by Desley Jones, our Teacher and Director here at BK.